“Since Robyn Russell started editing my novels, my understanding of writing in general and my own style in particular have reached completely new levels. Robyn understands what I’m trying to say, which is extremely validating, but she also sees precisely where my blind spots are. She has taught me so much about how to capitalize on my own use of language, how to deepen and push my characters to places I’m afraid to go, how to heighten my subplots, when to restructure, when to change point of view…and so much more. She not only gives me overall notes but also tells me specific places where development is needed, which is invaluable. Robyn has made revising easy, creative, and exciting. She is a very wise person and editor, and I trust her inherently. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.” Betsy Franco, author of Metamorphosis: Ovid’s Notebook and Naked “Robyn Russell is a completely modern young woman in every way except for the fact that she is a throwback to another era when there were a few skilled and insightful editors around who were gifted and tough but caring, thorough and utterly reliable in their judgement.  She is really everything you could want in an editor — skillful, trenchant, able to see flaws and defects with an eagle eye and equipped to point them out with a grace and diplomacy that even the most behemoth and outsized ego can abide and benefit from.  She is, I believe, an editor’s editor.  I recommend her in the highest terms.” Dr. Michael Krasny, the host and senior editor of KQED-FM radio’s award-winning Forum and author of Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic’s Quest and Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life “You can’t believe how good your book can be, if you’d just let Robyn help you.” Alan Hruska, author of Wrong Man Running and the co-founder of Soho Press “I have had a long career as a published writer and many editors for my seventeen published books. Robyn is the best I have worked with. She’s a fine and sophisticated reader, with a keen eye for detail, a solid sense of a work’s structure, and an infectious enthusiasm. She has the wonderful ability to know what a manuscript is aiming for, along with the skill and tact to get it there.” Kim Chernin, author of Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness, The Hungry Self: Women, Eating and IdentityReinventing Eve: Modern Woman in Search of Herself, In My Mother’s House, and The Flame Bearers, which was a New York Times Notable Book “Robyn is the best kind of editor: she sees where the story needs improving and can communicate that to the writer in a manner that makes the writer receptive to suggested changes. Her editing provided critical insight that allowed me to revise and sell my debut novel, The Lost Saints of Tennessee.” Amy Franklin-Willis, author of The Lost Saints of Tennessee “Robyn has given me something every author needs: thoughtful perspective. I’ve had the pleasure of her advice and insight on two of my novels, and her constructive criticism made them better. And her praise made me write on. The first novel was recently a Top 5 Drama and Top 10 Legal Thriller on Amazon, and the second novel landed me a wonderful literary agent. If you need an editor, she’s the bee’s knees.” Michael Zarocostas, author of Plummet, an Amazon bestseller in the summer of 2012 “Robyn Russell is absolutely the best editor you will ever have. She has this amazing ability to see your whole book as you meant it to be, and wherever it falls short, her suggestions for large-scale revision—tightening the plot, perfecting pacing, developing characters—are always spot on, always clear, and always keenly insightful. She’s also got this meticulous eye for detail, noticing how many times you’ve used a single word, or whether or not your comma usage is breaking pattern. She’s also kind and encouraging, which is a rare and beautiful attribute combined with such rigorous editorial precision. With Robyn, your writing will be transformed and you will love every second of it.” Lydia Cooper, author of My Second Death “Robyn is that unusual–and truly valuable–person who can not only spot the problems in your manuscript but is able to communicate ways to fix them.  She is smart, perceptive, and articulate, and she was enormously helpful in editing my memoir.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I promise, your book will improve with her input.” Judy Goldman, author of Losing My Sister: A Memoir “Robyn Russell has a knack for looking at the big picture and the small picture simultaneously, from the shape of the overall story down to the details of scenes and sentences. She found the missing pieces in my memoir and offered suggestions for how to fill them. I especially appreciated how well she understood what I was trying to do, what my book was wanting to become. It was delightful, and extremely helpful, to work with her.” Frances Lefkowitz, Pushcart-prize winning author of To Have Not: A Memoir “The novelist John Fowles said, ‘To write the text you have to live in the myth of it.’ This relates to why I love working with Robyn. As a fellow writer, she knows the creative process. From the written notes she provides and the discussions we have, it is clear to me that she immerses herself into the story you want to tell, into your vision. She keys into the writer’s voice and hears not only the music but detects where there is static. She has a unique ability to home in on sections of text in need of embellishing, expanding, or deleting.  Which she graciously informs you are merely suggestions. Yet they prove to be good ideas. Which is why she is a great editor. Robyn’s insightful discerning mind and her love of literature always enriches the end result.” Todd Crawshaw, author of Exploits of the Satyr, Light-Years in the Dark, and heretofore “If you want detailed written feedback, character analysis, plot weaknesses, red marks on your cliches referenced by page number along with insight into what isn’t working in your novel, you want Robyn Russell. If you don’t, I recommend finding someone with less talent.” Joe Klingler, author of Rats “Robyn Russell is a top-notch editor: caring, sensitive, and keenly intelligent.  Her depth of knowledge and amazing intuition enable her to see beyond an author’s initial ideas to get to the meat of a story. She’s diligent and committed, and very generous with her time and advice. I could never have gone this far in the process of writing my memoir without Robyn’s expertise, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for an amazing editor or ghostwriter.  She’s an angel.” Lauretta Zucchetti, author of Painted Red “The road to publication is long, and there are times along the way when you need someone to shine a light for you on what you’re doing, to guide your work towards what it needs to be. And all the better if, while doing so, they also rekindle in you the hope that one day you can reach your goal. For me, with my novel The Art of Waiting, it was Jason Buchholz who first shone that light for me – not only with his perceptive, thoughtful, constructive comments and guidance, but also his positivity. I remember that as a turning point, a time when I kicked on again, when I realised that I might just reach that goal one day with help from people like him. I’m so glad to have been able to benefit from his input – on the big picture but also the detail, on what wasn’t yet working but also on what was. I have no hesitation in recommending his services as an editor.” Christopher Jory, author of The Art of Waiting. “I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mr. Buchholz in the Fall of 2011. I cannot begin to tell you how fortuitous this was toward my efforts to become a published author. I had heard it said that the relationship between an author and his editor is the most critical in the writing process. Jason has in turns acted as a big-picture consultant, copy/line editor and writing coach. He pushed me when I needed it and wouldn’t let me settle for good enough. He even recommended novels for me to read to better understand the techniques he was trying to teach me. To say that he made my book better is selling him so short. Since publishing my first novel, I have received numerous very positive reviews and I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize Jason’s contribution in this endeavor. I cannot imagine working with anyone else on my future fictional pieces.” Leo Dufresne, author of Touched Up “Jason Buchholz made my transition from journalism to fiction writing smoother and more focused. He saw, through the fog of my early prose, the storytelling elements that were keepers and those that needed work or a fling to the trash bin. He pushed me to develop characters more fully and to resist convention. A patient, easygoing style hides a stubbornness about his craft. You can’t get away with anything with Jason, small things even, take shortcuts, or bend a narrative to fit some preconceived structure. He spots holes and inconsistencies and suggests how to fix them in ways that feed on a writer’s strengths. His criticism invigorates my imagination. He has taught me to give my subconscious time to percolate — and then to listen to it. What emerges through a revision process in which he’s closely engaged is sharper wording, brisker dialogue, better pace, layered characters, and stories that hold together. Like most writers, the more I write the better I seem to get. Jason simply accelerates the process.” John Ritter, author of Cooper’s Deal and Cheap Kills